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Dolly Parton's The Orville Cameo Was Literally Shot Across Space
For her recent cameo on “The Orville,” Dolly Parton appeared as a hologram version of herself from the ‘90s, but she actually did not set foot on the show’s set due to the pandemic. Co-producer Tom Costantino shared, via Twitter, the creative process behind making Parton’s scene with Rena Owen’s Haveena happen.
The set for Parton and Owen’s scene was first created on “The Orville” stage and then sent to Nashville to be rebuilt by the former’s studio team to shoot the first half. Everyone involved in the process had to learn how to perfectly copy the scene with photo doubles, lighting, and blocking.
After Parton shot her lines, the set was then sent back to where it originally came from in order to shoot Owen’s closeups as Haveena. In addition, a special effects team had to work on de-aging Parton in order to capture her look from the ‘90s.