Do Black Panther LEGO Sets Hint At The Hero's New Identity?
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Three new LEGO sets have been revealed, and some fans think they may point to who will take up the Black Panther mantle. The first set that we've got is Shuri's Sunbird (#76211), and in the set, Shuri is in what appears to be the old Black Panther suit, but it is lacking the trailer’s gold accents, which are reminiscent of Killmonger.
In the King Namor's Throne Hall set (#76213), we have Shuri, again in the Black Panther suit, minus the gold accents. Both of these sets have weapons on the hands of the suit (as Shuri uses in the first film), but in the trailer, we see gold claws with no other weapons — there are also three gold discs which we see again in the Shuri's Laboratory set.
Finally, in the Shuri's Laboratory set (#76212), we have a Black Panther figure that looks as if it may be a display, as the suit lacks any weapons. There is a lab station with those three gold discs, and a rolling platform for the Black Panther suit. All of this leads many fans to believe that Shuri will be taking over as the Black Panther after T'Challa’s passing, like she did in the comics.