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Director Damien Leone Regrets How Terrifier Treated One Of Its Central Characters
Before Art the Clown had become a popular Halloween tattoo and a neo-slasher icon, he was just a lowly hitchhiker on the side of a New Jersey highway waiting to pick out his first victims. One of those victims in "Terrifer" was Victoria Heyes (Samantha Scaffidi), the sister of Tara Heyes (Jenna Kanell), who winds up completely deformed
by the end of the film.
Director Damien Leone has expressed remorse in the past that her character is most remembered for that drawn out, torturous scene. Discussing the making of "Terrifier" with Dread Central back in 2018, Leone said, "My biggest regret is I wish I would have fleshed out Samantha Scaffidi's character more."
Leone was performing double duty as director and doing the special effects, so he was burning the candle at both ends, and Scaffidi's character suffered as a result. Leone admitted, "It's tough to direct and do the special effects because that definitely takes a toll and both of those jobs get sacrificed to a degree."