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Did You Catch This Firefly Easter Egg In Cabin In The Woods?
Drew Goddard’s 2011 horror/comedy “The Cabin in the Woods” is a fun, self-aware deconstruction of the horror movie subgenre co-written by Joss Whedon. In the film, a group of college kids go on vacation but are secretly being watched and manipulated by white-collar lab workers to appease an unseen, wrathful god that requires sacrifices.
The process of sacrificing college kids has become so pedestrian for the white-collar workers that they have begun to make bets as to which monster will be summoned to do the killing. In one amusing shot, they reveal their betting board, with each monster at their disposal listed on it, and those with quick eyes will be able to see a Reaver is listed among them.
Reavers are space monsters that were the central villains on another of Whedon’s creations, the one-season cult wonder “Firefly.” In what appears to be a fun wink to his fans, he decided to include them in the Monster Mash sequence of "The Cabin in the Woods."