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Devotion Director J.D. Dillard Is Not Making A Star Wars Movie After All
While Shawn Levy might have a "Star Wars" movie in the works, it looks like J.D. Dillard no longer does. According to The Wrap, the "Devotion" and "Sweetheart" director's take on the space-faring franchise, which was announced back in 2020, has been canceled.
The news is a pretty big blow to the future of the "Star Wars" franchise because Dillard has more than proven himself as an exciting rising filmmaker, especially when it comes to aerial action. He would have been a great choice for the franchise, which has been struggling to forge its own identity after the 2019 conclusion of the Skywalker Saga.
Dillard did not discuss what the canceled film was going to be about, but did say that it would have been inspired by the "TIE Fighter" PC game he played as a kid, as well as his father's aviator background. While Dillard didn't disclose what went wrong with “Star Wars,” he did tease that he is working on another space project — and this one will be an original idea.