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Denise Gough Doesn't Want Redemption For Andor's Dedra Meero
In “Andor,” Dedra Meero, played by Denise Gough, is both an Imperial officer, and a woman trying to survive and thrive in a cutthroat environment dominated by men. In a recent interview with, Gough spoke of maneuvering between the cracks of moral complexity as Dedra.
She said, "I want you to be very conflicted about your feelings about her. [...] You're really on her side. And then she does certain things that you just think, 'Okay, so maybe I can't support that.'" Although Dedra seems motivated to do what’s right, she shows her sadistic side in the torture room during a scene in Episode 9.
Gough added that Dedra is "just as capable of doing the most heinous things for power. Somebody said to me the other day, 'Please don't redeem her.' And I thought, ‘Oh, that’s so good.’ Don’t apologize. Let her be just as ambitious as the most villainous of men and color in all the shades so that everyone's conflicted when they're watching."