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DC Universe Movie Slate Announced: Superman: Legacy, Swamp Thing, The Batman 2, And More
Superman: Legacy
James Gunn has stated that Superman was a “huge priority” for DC Films and that the new movie, “Superman: Legacy,” will be “the launch point of the DCU.” Although this film isn’t an origin story, the DCU heads have said it will focus on the early days of Superman’s life. The movie is planned to be released on July 11, 2025, though no actors have been announced.
Woman of Tomorrow
Supergirl is also set to get her own film with “Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow,” but this version will have a revised origin story and be a harsher character than Superman. Tom King, co-writer of the “Woman of Tomorrow” comic mini-series, has helped Gunn develop the story of the DCU, and the “Supergirl” movie will apparently be an adaptation of his work.
Swamp Thing
The DCU will explore its stranger side with the “Swamp Thing” movie, a creature who’s as much a horror character as he is a superhero. Peter Safran shared, “This is a film that will investigate the dark origins of Swamp Thing,” though he noted that while its future films are connected, the tones would shift depending on the filmmakers working on each project.
The Authority
Originating from WildStorm Comics, “The Authority” is Gunn’s passion project and will introduce a superhero team who will stop at nothing to save the world, even if it means killing. As Gunn wants to move away from simple black-and-white stories, this group of morally gray heroes could be the perfect avenue to explore for DC’s new direction.
The Brave and the Bold
“The Brave and the Bold” title has been used multiple times throughout DC Comics’ history; however, this iteration will see the introduction of the DCU’s new Batman alongside Damian Wayne’s Robin. Gunn says the film will be a “father and son story between Bruce and Damian,” but other members of the Bat-family will also make an appearance.