LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 19: Michelle Williams attends the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 13th Governors Awards at Fairmont Century Plaza on November 19, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/WireImage)
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Dawson's Creek Taught Michelle Williams 'How To Have A Voice'
Michelle Williams was only 16 when she got the role of the troubled teen Jen Lindley on “Dawson’s Creek,” and the actress kind of grew up with the character. While breaking down her career for Vanity Fair, Williams said that playing the character allowed her to begin using her voice as part of the show, which was grueling with 22 episodes a year.
Williams explained, “I think they thought we were kind of like annoying kids because I was like, 'I have a note' or 'I don't want her to do that' or 'I don't want her to say that.' But I think I was learning how to have a voice, and I felt very connected to the character [...] my identity was still sort of forming and so we were kind of meshing with each other, and so I took it very personally.”
“Dawson’s Creek” wasn’t easy for Williams, as she said in a Variety's Actors on Actors chat, “We did 22 episodes a year, you'd be getting scripts sort of at the last minute, and you had like zero input. That was hard [...] It was formulaic.” Clearly input is important to Williams, as she added, “I don't think I've done television in between then and now because of a fear of loss of input.”