TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 08:  David Bruckner attends "The Ritual" premiere during the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival at Ryerson Theatre on September 8, 2017 in Toronto, Canada.  (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)
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David Bruckner Doesn't See A 'Way Back Into' The Friday The 13th Franchise
Director David Bruckner, who is on a roll, was once approached by Paramount with the edict of creating a found footage "Friday the 13th" movie, but his Jason Vorhees movie never came to fruition. Bruckner, who also pitched a “Dazed and Confused”-esque take on the series, was recently asked if he would ever want to return, and he said, "Personally, it would be hard to find my way back into that now."
"It's like the actor's approach to an audition, you have to just walk away at a certain point and put it behind you,” said Bruckner. The director, who worked on developing a new "Friday the 13th" back in 2014 and 2015, added, "Those ideas aren't interesting to me quite the same way they were with the work we did in particular, but I'm a fan of the franchise."
He also noted hopefully , “They will figure it out, the IP is too valuable. The fans want it too much." If "Friday the 13th" fans are lucky, they may finally be getting another entry sooner rather than later.