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Dark Horror Movies That Have Surprisingly Happy Endings
The Babadook (2014)
After her husband’s death, Amelia struggles with single motherhood and her son Samuel’s violent temper tantrums. Their grief preys on them in the form of a dark, looming monster called The Babadook, that they ultimately defeat, showing us it’s never too late to recover from grief.
Housebound (2014)
Gerard Johnstone explores the dangers of assuming things about others through Kylie’s judgmental gaze at her mother, Miriam. With plot twists involving murder mystery, horror, and action-adventure, the film ends with an important lesson or two about empathy.
The Final Girls (2015)
In this horror-comedy, Max, a teenager grieving her mom’s death, finds herself and her friends transported into an old horror movie that starred her mom. As the plot runs on a loop, Max’s dark journey with grief and survivor’s guilt is brought to a healing and cathartic end.
Spring (2014)
After losing his mother to cancer, Evan falls in love with Louise, even though she tells him not to. This horror mystery explores the fear of vulnerability, and the monster represents the fear of being ourselves. Ultimately, it teaches us how some things, like love, are worth the risk.
Get Out (2017)
This chilling film follows Chris’s encounters with racism as he spends a weekend with his white girlfriend’s family, who secretly enslaves Black people. Thanks, in part, to his triumph at the end, "Get Out" not only made Chris into a hero but a cultural representation of renewed hope in the ongoing battles Black individuals face every day in America.