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Dario Argento's Next Movie will Star Isabelle Huppert, Begin Production Next Year
Dario Argento has been shocking audiences for five decades now and the 82-year-old director isn't stopping anytime soon. He has a new horror film under his belt right now called "Dark Glasses" and while at the acclaimed Sitges Film Festival, the Italian director announced he has his next film lined up already that will start production in spring 2023.
Two details are currently known: one, the film will be set in Paris, and two, the great Isabelle Huppert will star, who knows from films like "I Heart Huckabees," "Greta," and "Elle," which was her big awards movie in 2016. "Dark Glasses'' might see him to his "giallo" roots, which he became the face of due to films that helped legitimize the sub-genre.
Giallo means "yellow" in Italian, describing particular Italian slasher films that heavily leans into a whodunnit realm, while pushing the gory envelope in ways that are otherworldly in tone and feel. We don't know if this upcoming film with Isabelle Huppert is going to be a giallo, but the idea of Argento directing an actor of her talents in modern-day giallo is pretty exciting.