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Daniel Craig Put His Foot Down, And It Resulted in Casino Royale's Most Powerful Moment
The James Bond franchise was rebooted once again after “Die Another Day” veered into rather silly territory. Recasting Daniel Craig as Bond, the new series kicked off with “Casino Royale” returning to its earlier remorseless roots, but its biggest achievement was that it reinvigorated viewers' love of Bond.
As with most Bond films, the story introduces a love interest for 007, but “Casino Royale” breaks the mold by introducing a kindred spirit in the female character Vesper Lynd. Bond sees her as more than a conquest and in one scene he shows concern for her mental health by joining her, fully clothed, while she sits traumatized in the shower.
According to producer Barbara Broccoli, the scene was originally intended to be a stereotypical sexy scene, but Craig insisted on them both being fully clothed. As Broccoli notes, it's the moment Lynd and Bond fall in love and it made reinvested audiences in the Bon, setting the stage for the five-film arc.