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Daniel Craig Had To Run While Injured During One Of Skyfall's Best Scenes
James Bond sets have had historically bad luck: Roger Moore was hospitalized on day one of filming "Live and Let Die," Pierce Brosnan was injured in a "GoldenEye" fight, and Sean Connery was nearly killed by a helicopter pilot on the set of "From Russia With Love." On the set of "Skyfall," Daniel Craig ruptured his calf muscles, but still
shot a memorable scene.
In a tense, kinetic scene where Bond races to stop Silva, Bond has an intense look and a furrowed brow as he dashes for the villain. Director Sam Mendes revealed that Bond’s pained expression in the scene was due to Craig’s calf injuries, explaining, “[Daniel] had to run through quite a lot of pain."
Calf ruptures typically leave people "unable to walk pain free" and frequently require "surgery followed by a twelve-week rehabilitation program." The fact that Craig agreed to run in the scene despite rupturing his calves is truly a testament to how committed the blonde Bond was.