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Dan Harmon Sold The Russo Brothers On Community In A Way Only Dan Harmon Could
Before Joe and Anthony Russo hit it big with their MCU movies, they were involved with Dan Harmon’s sitcom, “Community.” The brothers loved his pilot script and saw a lot of potential in Harmon, and they revealed in an interview the moment that they knew Harmon was “[their] guy.”
Harmon was known for his perfectionism, and during the development of the pilot, the brothers witnessed Harmon constantly arguing with an unnamed producer. By the time they needed to shoot the episode, the fights had reached a boiling point, and Harmon expressed his anger by tearing off his shirt.
Joe recalled that it was 2 a.m. when "the producer had said something I think that upset Dan about the script. And Dan ended up tearing the shirt off of his body.” It left quite an impression on the brothers with Joe sharing, “I remember looking at [Anthony] and going, 'We found our guy.'”