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Dan Harmon Has Some Regrets About Writing Britta's Community Character
Britta's “Community” characterization was shaky from the very beginning, and though she eventually evolved into an interesting character, "Community" creator Dan Harmon still has one major regret about the way Britta was written. “It was like we didn't discover the 'Britta' character for a long time," Harmon confessed.
Harmon discussed his regret that Britta’s character started out as a “carrot for the male protagonist” explaining that when he looks back at the pilot “she was like a mannequin.'" Early on, Britta was Jeff’s intellectual equal, but as the seasons progressed, she lost a lot of that competence, and the dumbing down of her character to amp up the humor didn’t sit well with many people.
Britta became more developed, sure, and certainly funnier in a way, but only because she was always the butt of the joke. Of course, Britta's not the only character to get dumbed down as a series goes on, characters like Joey from “Friends” and Winston from “New Girl” followed similar trajectories. And while it wasn't always easy to root for Britta, Gillian Jacobs gave her all regardless.