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Damon Lindelof Thinks Lost And Twin Peaks Suffered From Opposite Problems
“Twin Peaks” and “Lost” were breakout hits right from the first episode, with their series of unanswered mysteries riveting the audience. Both shows, however, eventually suffered from TV network meddling, leading to a decline in their popularity, but “Lost” showrunner Damon Lindelof believed that the problem the two shows faced were polar opposites.
Whereas ABC forced “Twin Peaks” creator David Lynch to resolve his central mystery much sooner than he intended to, the network would later try to force Lindelof to drag the mysteries out for as long as possible. “They were just like, 'Do you understand how hard it is to make a show that people want to watch? And people like the show, so why would we end it?,'” said Lindelof.
Most of the behind-the-scenes conflicts around "Lost" centered around Lindelof and the writers wanting to work towards an ending for the show, and the network wanting to keep it going indefinitely, which ultimately frustrated fans. Meanwhile, "Twin Peaks" would be canceled even though the show itself wanted to keep going, but its audience simply stopped showing up.