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Cumberbatch Thinks Marvel Missed an Opportunity With Doctor Strange's Iron Man Suit
With the many superhero combinations that were possible in "Avengers: Infinity War," it was inevitable that not every idea would make it into the final cut of the movie. One such deleted scene had Doctor Strange wearing the Iron Man suit and combining his powers with Tony Stark’s technology to take on Ebony Maw.
In the alternate scene, Tony Stark sent all his nanobots to cover Doctor Strange and save him from being stabbed by Ebony Maw, and in return, the Cloak of Levitation covered Stark. It’s a shame that fans won’t get to see this epic scene of the two heroes swapping powers to defeat Ebony Maw, and Benedict Cumberbatch expressed his disappointment in a BBC Radio 1 interview as well.
Cumberbatch jokingly said, "Yeah, I was a bit [annoyed]. We both were. It took a long time to splurge those spliced costumes together” and mentioned that the character was called “Iron Strange.” Fortunately for curious fans, "Infinity War" concept artist Phil Saunders shared some images on his Instagram of Iron Strange’s suit that had the Eye of Agamotto in place of the arc reactor.