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Creator Armando Iannucci's Favorite Avenue 5 Line Is One That Hugh Laurie Improvised
“Avenue 5” creator Armando Iannucci likes to give his cast a chance to try new things and he enjoys being surprised by their improvisations. When Iannucci and star Hugh Laurie spoke with Collider, Iannucci shared that his favorite line of the season was an impromptu joke, and Laurie praised how willing the actors are to improvise.
Iannucci revealed that his favorite line is one that Hugh Laurie ad-libbed. He said, “For me, the funniest line is in Episode 3 when Billie [Lenora Crichlow] says, 'Of course, it's a terrible idea, brackets, is it thought?' And Ryan says something like, 'Yes, it is, brackets, f*** yes!' That was just Hugh, on the day. That wasn't in the script, but it's a golden light in the episode.”
Improvising comedy is a huge part of making “Avenue 5,” which is a credit to the show’s fearless actors. Laurie said about the cast, ”They'll try anything.[...] There's a wonderful spirit of, 'Let's go for it. What's the next step beyond that? Okay, we've got that, but can we go one further? And then, can we go one further than that?' That's part of the fun of it, really.”