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Creating The Incredibles' Superheroes Caused Some Legal Problems For Pixar
“The Incredibles” takes place in a world in which superheroes used to save civilians on a regular basis, but were then forced into retirement or killed off by the villain Syndrome. When coming up with minor superhero characters from Mr. and Mrs. Incredible's pasts, director Brad Bird and other film personnel ran into some copyright issues.
Bird described the process of coming up with superhero names: "I would just write down pages and pages of names that I thought sounded like superheroes and were fun [...] We then had to clear the names [...] If anybody publishes 10 issues of something from his basement in Ohio, if he has registered it, we cannot use it."
One "Incredibles" codename that caused trouble was Elastigirl, Mrs. Incredible's former alias. Bird explained that the entire character was created independently, but as it turns out, "Elastigirl was a character that was in a couple of DC Comics from the 1960s, and we actually had to make an agreement with Warner Bros."