Todd Stashwick attends the Los Angeles premiere of the third and final season of Paramount+'s original series "Star Trek: Picard"
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Could Captain Shaw Return To Star Trek After His Death In Picard
Season 3?
In the ninth episode of “Star Trek: Picard,” Captain Shaw met his end at the hands of a Borg ensign, disappointing fans of the hard-boiled but capable captain.
Prior to his death, fans were hopeful that they might get a series featuring Shaw and Seven, as having a more brusque captain as the protagonist would make an interesting story.
Shaw couldn’t be the lead on “Star Trek: Picard” for obvious reasons, but Todd Stashwick was so charismatic in the role that he could have been the star.
That said, this is a show where Data was cloned and Picard had his consciousness transferred to a different body, so Shaw returning isn’t necessarily off the table.
Given the odd circumstances of Shaw’s death, if the “Star Trek” writers wanted to bring him back for a new series, they could certainly find a way to resurrect the character.