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Clint Eastwood Could Have Played Bruce Wayne In A Live-Action Batman Beyond
Paul Dini, the writer-producer of “Batman: The Animated Series” and “Batman Beyond,” once worked on a “Batman” film, where Clint Eastwood could’ve played an aging Bruce Wayne.
Dini said on director Kevin Smith's podcast “Fatman on Batman” that he and writer Alan Burnett were asked by Warner Bros. to write a script for a live-action “Batman Beyond” film.
The 1999 “Batman Beyond” animated series focused on Terry McGinnis, a teenage version of the titular crime fighter who is mentored by an older Bruce Wayne in a futuristic Gotham.
According to Dini, “Remember the Titans” director Boaz Yakin was going to helm the movie, which would have been set in a future Gotham with less “futuristic edge” than the cartoon.
As Dini explained it, “There was a little bit of The Dark Knight, there was a little bit of contemporary comics and there was Terry McGinnis and the suit and everything.”
Clint Eastwood would’ve been asked to play Bruce Wayne, who just like in the “Beyond” cartoon, would be an older, jaded version of the billionaire; however, fate took a turn.
When “Batman Begins” arrived in 2005, the film was a big success and launched the celebrated “Dark Knight” trilogy, which put an end to the Eastwood-starring “Batman Beyond” movie.