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Christopher Reeve Had Harsh Words For His Superman
Co-star Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando was notoriously difficult to work with, going out of his way to put as little effort as possible into his roles as he got older. Such was the case with Brando's turn as Jor-El in Richard Donner's "Superman" and his antics failed to impress co-star Christopher Reeve, who had only just started his career when he signed on to star as the Man of Steel.
In a display of integrity and sincerity worthy of Superman himself, Reeves was bluntly honest about his time working with Brando on "Superman" during an appearance on "Late Night with David Letterman" in March 1982. When Letterman asked if "anything interesting" had come of their relationship, Reeves didn't hold back.
"I must say — I don't say this to be vicious — but I don't worship at the altar of Marlon Brando because I feel that he's copped out in a certain way. He's no longer in the leadership position that he could be.” Reeves explained. “[...] And I just think it'd be sad to be [his age] and not give a damn. That's all. I just think it's too bad that the man has been kind of forced into that hostility."
When Letterman asked Reeves if it was still "exciting" to work with a legend like Brando in spite of all this, Reeves replied with a laugh "Not really, no. [...] I'm a real beginner and I just care so much that it hurts when someone's phoning it in."

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