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Christopher Nolan Covered Christian Bale's Blind Spots During The Dark Knight Trilogy
While there have been multiple iterations of Batman, Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” trilogy has consistently been the fan-favorite. And according to a 2012 Collider interview with Christian Bale, the reason is probably because Nolan “represent[ed] the audience” and knew exactly what kind of Batman film they wanted.
Bale explained how Nolan had a clear vision of what he wanted and would give him constructive criticism to guide his performance. The actor stated he would offer Nolan many different variants and offer to do retakes but that the director wasn’t interested because he knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it.
Bale articulated his admiration for Batman and the kind of story that unraveled what it was like to see a superhero grow older. In the "Dark Knight" trilogy, we see Bruce age and come to terms with how he cannot do the things he used to. In the same way, Bale had to accept it was time for the films to end and he trusted Nolan to wrap it up in the best way possible.