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Christina Ricci Sees Something Strangely Relatable About Her Yellowjackets Character
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for Season 1 of "Yellowjackets."
On Showtime's "Yellowjackets," Misty Quigly, played by Christina Ricci as an adult, is an unpopular outcast who goes to dubious lengths to be accepted by her peers. Despite her extreme behavior, Ricci still sees what keeps Misty weirdly relatable.
In an interview with GQ, Ricci said, "People really do connect with that need [...] to be accepted, [...] and what I think these writers do so adeptly is, they show you how badly [Misty] wants to be there, and then they show you the reason why she deserves to be kicked out."
Misty’s history of Munchausen by proxy behavior propels her to become a care assistant in a nursing home as an adult. By then, Misty has reached the point where she demands respect and is even willing to withhold morphine if a patient gives her trouble.
"The thing I actually like most about this character," Ricci continued, "is how she has that need, still. It's still the thing that [...] drives her to operate. But she’s also [...] very much at a point where she's like, 'Well, no one's ever going to give it to me. So I'm going to f****** take it.'"
As an adult, Misty clings to her fellow Yellowjacket, Natalie, who Misty always wished she could be. Ricci concluded: "She's like, 'Right. I'm an outsider too. And look how cool that outsider is. So, that must mean being an outsider is really cool.' I think she's always really coveted who Natalie is."