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Charlize Theron's The Boys Cameo Might've Been More Than She Bargained For
When Charlize Theron agreed to play the role of Nazi-Supe villain Stormfront in Season 3 of “The Boys,” she most likely thought it would be a small, simple cameo. And while she only appeared in the opening scene of the season premiere, creator and showrunner Eric Kripke revealed that a lot more went into it than the actress had probably imagined.
Kripke said that he felt that Theron had agreed to the cameo as a small “favor” after producer Seth Rogen had given her a call. He explained, “And then the next call is from wardrobe, who needs to fit her for her super suit. And then she has to show up on a full day of production with all of these cameras. I think maybe it was more than she bargained for.”
In line with the show’s tone, Theron’s character was wacky, and Kripke commended the actress for the “heart” she put into the role despite having to say “stupid, ridiculous lines” like "You'll always be in my heart, but the Fourth Reich is in my soul." He also said that he “hope[d] Seth bought her something very nice because she did a lot for us."