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Charlie Cox Explains Why He Was All In On Playing Marvel's Daredevil
Of the Marvel superhero shows that debuted on Netflix, “Daredevil” stands as one of the best shows of the era as it explores the darker side of the hero world filled with spectacular fight scenes and brooding angst. In a 2015 interview, Cox explained what originally attracted him to the titular character.
Cox stated that he was all in to play the lead after reading the script because he was “blown away by how good they were.” Cox continued, “I was a fan of the Marvel movies, but I hadn't read anything they had done that was this dark and geared to a much more mature audience.”
One impressive scene from the series was the corridor fight in Season 1 Episode 2, which, as Cox explained, “Required immense amounts of moving parts and detail and we had to get it right because it was all one take.” We hope to see more scenes like this as Cox and co-star Vincent D'Onofrio reprise their original “Daredevil” roles in Disney+’s upcoming series “Echo.”