American actress Carrie Fisher on the set of Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
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Carrie Fisher’s Jabba Encounter In Star Wars Was Even Grosser Behind The Scenes
Jabba the Hutt from “Return of the Jedi” was a large puppet controlled by Toby Philpott and Dave Barclay, who could only see how Jabba moved through small screens on their chests.
Since he couldn’t see very well, Philpott shared that when Jabba went to lick Leia he accidentally put the creature’s “horrible, gloop-covered tongue right in Carrie Fisher's ear!”
It was far from the only uncomfortable moment for Fisher, as she had to wear a metal bikini that threatened to slip in between takes and, in her words, “didn't go where you went.”
Early on during production, Barclay was asked to put Jabba's hand on Leia's shoulder, and when he tried to do so, Fisher told him “That's not my shoulder…”
Not only was Jabba a gross puppet, who had to be regularly re-covered in slime, but the set was hot and uncomfortable, draped in smoke and incense to resemble a nightclub.
All the conditions and indignities made Fisher hate Jabba, and the actress insisted that she be the one to strangle the character to death instead of a stunt double.