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Captain America: Civil War Was All Setup For A Single Scene
While Iron Man and Captain America grew to trust one another as friends, there was always an ideological disconnect brewing between the pair. Of course, while we were all looking forward to the Avengers showdown of the century, the most important scene in “Captain America: Civil War” is one that precedes the main event, a sentiment that the Russos seem to agree with.
Joe Russo believed Zemo's big revelation that Bucky killed Tony Stark’s mother was the foundation of everything the film had built on until this moment, creating a crisis out of a very personal revelation. What really makes this scene so special is that it's one of the few times where the stakes actually, finally, mean something.
Captain America becomes the distrustful one, knowing that Stark’s mother was murdered — despite not knowing it was Bucky Barnes who did it. These scenes created a perfect storm for Stan, Evans, and Downey Jr. to guide their characters into a pivotal fight scene that lets the characters shine through.