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Bryan Fuller Fell In Love With Friday The 13th Because Of Pamela Voorhees
Bryan Fuller, the showrunner of "Crystal Lake" — Peacock’s "Friday the 13th" prequel series — revealed it's actually Jason's mother, Pamela Voorhees, that made him fall in love with the franchise. As a refresher, Jason Voorhees grew up with physical abnormalities and mental disabilities, and his mother was employed at Camp Crystal Lake.
As a child, Jason stayed at the camp with his mother, where he was bullied, thrown into the lake, and drowned. In the first film, the son of the original Camp Crystal Lake owners re-opens the camp 22 years after Jason's drowning, and Pamela avenges her son by killing him and all but one of the camp counselors — who kills her and then discovers that Jason is still alive.
Because of his own experiences, producer Bryan Fuller said Jason's tragic backstory and Pamela’s undying love for her son are what made him fall in love with the series, as he could relate to her. "I was working with special needs kids," Fuller said. "I was hyper-aware of the challenges of parenting special needs children."
That awareness is what drew Fuller to "Friday the 13th." "One of the kids I sat with during most of that volunteer work, his mother simply couldn't handle him [...] And so, when I read about 'Friday the 13th' and saw the lengths Pamela would go to for her special needs child, I found myself in this Venn diagram of influences, and I fell in love with the series," said Fuller.