BURBANK, CA - OCTOBER 26:  Bruce Campbell arrives at The 46th Annual Saturn Awards held at Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport on October 26, 2021 in Burbank, California.  (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images for ABA)
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Bruce Campbell Prefers The Original Army Of Darkness Ending
Sam Raimi’s 1993 horror comedy, “Army of Darkness,” has two different endings: the theatrical release version that sees Ash return to his proper timeline and the original ending where the hero fails to follow the instructions for a magic potion and awakens in an apocalyptic future. Although it’s the “unhappy” ending, star Bruce Campbell shared his preference for the original.
Campbell said, “In many cases this was referred to as the ‘alternate ending,’ but there’s no such thing. This is the original ending ... I will defend this ending to the end of my days, because it’s not about depressing. It’s about appropriate. I think the ending is appropriate. And I think this sequence is very cool. It’s very sci-fi and it gave a good lead-in to what would or would not become part IV.”
In addition to preferring the ending’s look, Campbell added, “This is where you get your character back, Sam [Raimi]. The idiot who is so easily distracted that he miscounts six lousy drops. [...] The poor sap. He slept too long.” After starring in the “Ash vs. Evil Dead” TV show, Campbell said he was done playing the character — Ash may have ended badly, but Campbell stepped out with grace.