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Brad Pitt's Acid Trip Wasn't In The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Script
Characters being on drugs is common in comedies, but portrayals can get cliché and often don't involve thinking beyond "Isn't it funny that they're high?". Some directors choose to include the trope so that a comedic scene makes more sense, and Quentin Tarantino even added LSD to a scene that didn't have it in his original script.
When three members of the Manson family perform a break-in to kill Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) in "Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood," Tarantino decided that the intense scene needed an extra layer of humor. Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) smokes an acid-dipped cigarette before encountering the intruders, and can only laugh as the disastrous night plays out.
Pitt told the New York Times that when Tarantino suddenly told him "You’re going to be high on acid in that scene," Pitt replied, "Great!" In the original script, Pitt’s character still found the break-in amusing, but the actor explains that the LSD addition "gives you so much room. The clichés of acid trails; it's always funny."