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Blue Screen Made For Some Awkward Moments Behind The Scenes Of Spaceballs
Despite “Spaceballs” unending silliness, director Mel Brooks still included a good number of legit sci-fi moments, which meant numerous scenes where putting actors in front of a blue screen was a necessity. Bill Pullman, who played Lone Star, a spoof of Han Solo from “Star Wars,” recently opened up about a difficult rule Brooks imposed during those scenes.
According to Pullman, Brooks required the entire cast and crew to wear sunglasses between takes to protect their eyes from the blue screens. While recent research on blue light exposure from cell phones and digital screens has shown to cause eye damage that can lead to age-related macular degeneration, this probably wasn’t a risk on set.
Regardless, Brooks was trying to mitigate any possible risk for his cast and crew during filming, and Pullman admitted in a 2017 interview, that while everyone was wearing sunglasses, “it was tough to work the comedy in between takes.” Luckily, Pullman's scenes were mostly filmed on real sets with real actors, so it didn't seem to cause too many issues with the final product.