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Blade Runner's Rachael Was An Homage To A Golden Age Hollywood Star
In “Blade Runner,” the Nexus-7 replicant Rachael dons smokey eye makeup and a classic updo, a look that seems both perfectly classic and out of place in this future world, which was by design. In an interview, director Ridley Scott talked about how old Hollywood glamor was his reference point for Rachael, and how his experience with cosmetics shaped her look.
While looking back on making the film decades later, Scott said in regards to Rachael’s look, "I always thought of an actress — I think I mean Hedy Lamarr — who had a severity which was spectacular.” Although the director wasn’t 100% sure, it’s easy to see the comparisons between Rachael and the Hollywood star, who was known for her bold makeup and hairstyles.
Scott explained that because he was “very, very, very aware of cosmetics” from working with Chanel, fashion, and television commercials, he "went through [Rachael’s] hair [...] and the makeup again” himself to create her look. His efforts created one of the most iconic images of the film: Rachael’s replicant eyes glistening as she smokes a cigarette while waiting to meet Deckard for the first time.