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Blade Runner 2099 Limited Series Is Coming to Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Studios has given the green light for the limited series, titled "Blade Runner 2099," to air exclusively on Prime Video. Director of the original film, Ridley Scott will serve as an executive producer alongside showrunner Silka Luisa, known for creating the Apple TV+ series "Shining Girls."
As implied by the title, this new "Blade Runner 2099" series will be set 50 years after the sequel "Blade Runner 2049" meaning that fans probably shouldn't expect Harrison Ford's Deckard or Ryan Gosling's K to show up in any significant roles. Not surprisingly, details on the scripts have been very hard to come by.
Intriguingly, there's no word in the official press release as to whether Ridley Scott will direct any episodes of this series or not, as previously rumored. In addition to SIlka Luisa, the creative team also includes writer Tom Spezialy ("The Leftovers").