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Black Noir's Fate In The Boys Season 3 Was Decided At The Last Minute
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for Season 3 of "The Boys."
In Season 3 of “The Boys,” Black Noir meets a deadly fate after having his guts ripped out by Homelander. When asked why Black Noir had to die, "The Boys" showrunner Eric Kripke said it was "because actions have consequences." He told Insider, "I don't think we walked into the finale knowing we were gonna do it.”
"It was just as we were tracking Homelander and watching him unravel,“ said Kripke. “I couldn't understand a version where he wasn't gonna have some sort of huge reaction to Noir, who's been lying to him his entire life about the thing Homelander needed most in the world." It was realized in the eleventh hour they had to kill off Noir.
For anyone still mourning the loss of Black Noir on "The Boys," there's reason to hope. In the wake of the Season 3 finale, Kripke mentioned that the show would bring back actor Nathan Mitchell, the man behind the mask, as "a different character who wears the Black Noir suit" in Season 4. So, it seems viewers haven't seen the last of the actor or his costume, at least.