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Black Adam Tops Box Office With $67 Million, But Ticket To Paradise Is The Real Winner
DC Comics $196 million film adaptation "Black Adam," just earned $67 million domestically and $73 million internationally to hit a whopping $140 million global take for its first weekend, a record for The Rock up to this point in his career. However, "Ticket to Paradise," the rom-com that reunited George Clooney and Julia Roberts, was arguably the bigger winner, at least as far as the box office is concerned.
While Warner Bros made far more, Universal Pictures still managed to sneak into the number two spot with "Ticket to Paradise," earning $16.3 million in its domestic debut. The film has also been playing overseas for several weeks and earned an additional $80.2 million, which puts its current global gross at $96.6 million, far exceeding its $60 million budget.
This is especially encouraging because rom-coms have largely been relegated to Netflix recently, with movies like "Bros" bombing at the box office. So, it just shows that in the right situation, with A-list stars, audiences will turn up and spend hard-earned money to see these movies in theaters and that can only help maintain the diversity of genres that make it to the big screen.