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Bill Murray Turned Down This Tom Hanks Role Without Even Reading The Script
When Murray's "Stripes" co-star P.J. Soles brought him the script for "Splash" at a lunch meeting Murray didn’t just say “no,” he accentuated his point by chucking the script across the restaurant. So what led Murray to emphatically reject the script that ended up to the box office success and star-making turn for Tom Hanks?
Apparently, Murray was ready to switch genres, telling Soles he was done with comedies. Despite all his early success in the genre, Murray was ready to branch out artistically beyond just getting laughs.
As a matter of fact Murray so desperately wanted to do drama that he only agreed to appear in "Ghostbusters" to get a production deal for "The Razor's Edge." If it weren't for his need to get his own drama produced, we might not have seen Murray as the indelible Peter Venkman, and at least can at least thank the critically panned "The Razor's Edge" for that.