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Bill Lawrence Promised Neil Flynn Two Things Before Scrubs Ended
The Janitor on "Scrubs," played to perfection by Neil Flynn, was supposed to be a figment of JD's imagination. It was only once it was clear the show would get a second season that they let the Janitor interact with the other characters and showrunner Bill Lawrence made two promises to Flynn regarding his character (managing to follow through on both.)
The first promise was that at some point fans would learn the Janitor’s real name, a mystery the show played heavily with during its eight-season run. In the finale, the Janitor reveals to JD that his real name is Glenn Matthews, but after JD leaves someone else refers to him as Tommy. (Although if you hate ambiguity, fear not: Bill Lawrence would later confirm that the Janitor's name is, in fact, Glenn Matthews.)
Lawrence's second promise to Flynn was that the Janitor would get a girlfriend, and that promise was fulfilled in Season 7 when he starts dating a woman named Lady. Their relationship stays steady until both realize they’ve been hiding their weirder sides from one another which leads them to fully bond and tie the knot in Season 8.