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Bill Lawrence Knew Scrubs Fantasy Sequences Were A 'Slippery Slope'
By the time "Scrubs" reached syndication in Season 6, they started indulging perhaps a little too much in the show's most unique element: JD's fantasy sequences. "Hey, look, it's a slippery slope," showrunner Bill Lawrence acknowledged, later adding, "We might have gone too far with crossing the line between fantasy and reality."
While most of the early season fantasy sequences are sharp and snappy, later seasons of "Scrubs" had them go on for entire minutes at a time, which was a lot harder to forgive when they fell flat. Most fans point to Seasons 5 through 7 as being the most absurd, when the slippery slope of fantasy sequences veered into cartoonish territory.
From small bits like J.D. zipping himself into a backpack to entire episodes like J.D’s bizarre Season 6 kidnapping by a group of elderly gay men, the show, at times, could be a bit self-indulgent. However, for the most part, "Scrubs" ended its main run with one foot back in reality, and that's probably for the best.