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Best Food Moments In Movies & TV 2022
10. Meatball
Sebastian Stan in “Fresh” plays a charming cannibal who butchers women for their meat, and the cuisine is elevated to make Brendan’s addiction appear sophisticated. The visual familiarity of a meatball smothered with tomato sauce atop creamy fettuccine cleverly humanizes him as a guy cooking to impress his date.
9. Pie
Emily seems like any PTA mother, except she brings a pie with a decorative swastika carved into the top to an after-school group session for the Daughters of Aryan Unity in “Soft & Quiet.” The dessert gets passed off as a “joke,” but leads to xenophobic murder, proving how allowing hate speech can often inspire violent escalation.
8. Hot Dogs and Bagels
“Everything Everywhere All at Once” attempts to answer the universe's mysteries using hot dogs and bagels. Between Michelle Yeoh’s and Jamie Lee Curtis’ meaningful romantic sequences with hot dog fingers and Stephanie Hsu’s creation of an everything bagel black hole, these food items are just another spice in the weird pot of life.
7. Coffee + Pepto-Bismol
In “Night’s End,” Ken Barber is a recluse, a nobody YouTube “celebrity,” and an all-around odd fellow, whose morning ritual consists of chugging coffee that’s been mixed with Pepto-Bismol. Through this, viewers learn about his anxieties, his thought process, and his overall obscure way of life.
6. Ultimate Chili Dog
In “Sonic the Hedgehog 2,” broken Chaos Emeralds trigger Sonic’s transformation, and it’s possible he’s been corrupted as an ominous black cloud swirls above and rains down electricity bolts. It’s only when Sonic drops a chili cheese dog from the sky onto Knuckles that his family knows he’s the same goofball he’s always been.