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Behind The Scenes Danger On Miami
Vice Forced Michael Mann To Rework
The Ending
It seems unbelievable that Michael Mann was able to adapt a colorful and often-goofy crime procedural from the late '80s into a movie as good as "Miami Vice." Mann's plans to film in Miami were interrupted by Tropical Storm Dennis, but as the production shifted to the Dominican Republic, it turned out to be the least of their problems.
According to some sources, the areas of the Dominican Republic that "Miami Vice" filmed in were not the safest, alleging that one scene was shot in a square in the country's capital of Santo Domingo that was so dangerous, that even police officers avoided it. While this couldn’t be verified, we know that the exposed cast and crew caused some problems on location.
Jamie Foxx and his team departed the set after a police officer shot a security guard during an argument. As a result, they were forced to film the ending in Miami instead of Paraguay, which, in Mann's words, "was like turning an oil tanker around on a dime, but the Miami ending worked out to be the better ending."