Yvonne Craig, US actress, in costume, in a studio portrait
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Batgirl Was A Last-Ditch Effort To Save The Adam West Batman Show
Adam West’s “Batman” series began to decline in views after the second season, so for the third season, the writers added a third star to the show to try and revive it.
Batgirl was a creation of executive producer William Dozer, but he asked comics editor Julius Schwartz to add her to the comics first to have a precedent for the show.
Yvonne Craig was cast as Batgirl, and the addition gave the show both a strong heroine and someone they hoped male viewers would find attractive, according to writer Les Daniels.
Batgirl’s inclusion didn’t save the show, and the shorter episodes of the third season meant she became a third wheel. However, Batgirl still appears in comics and TV shows today.