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Barbarian Director Zach Cregger Got Advice From Jordan Peele On Making His First Horror Movie
Zach Cregger's directorial debut, "Barbarian,” has thrived through pure word of mouth and enthusiasm from horror fans. In the December 2022 issue of Empire magazine, Cregger reveals that Jordan Peele provided advice and pointers during the production of "Barbarian.”
"He gave me a ton of advice on inevitable issues I could expect to encounter on my first feature. Then I showed him a cut and he gave me notes," Cregger told Empire. While "Barbarian" nose-dives into the fantastical much more than "Get Out," its suffocating approach to tying its horror to real-life social situations mirrors what Peele accomplished with his debut.
Cregger gives a nod to Peele's influence in "Barbarian," in the scene where the protagonist discovers the hidden doorway in the basement of the Airbnb, and says "nope!" alluding to Peele’s third feature. "Barbarian" could repeat a cycle of inspiration within horror storytellers, and give a potential indication of what the next phase of modern horror could be.