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Aya Cash Had A Blast Filming Her Action-Packer Sex Scene For The Boys
"The Boys" has never pulled punches for its sex scenes and the most memorable that comes to mind is the one with the Termite that reminds us why we shouldn't sneeze ever. These unorthodox, superpowered sex scenes in "The Boys" have led to some of the most fun moments for actors like Aya Cash, who is no stranger to cinematic sex scenes.
During "The Boys" Season 2 Emmy press-tour, Cash was asked a bit about the superpowered sex-scene that she shot with Antony Starr. Portraying the Nazi superhero, Stormfront, Cash and Starr's Homelander go at it in an action-packed, gravity-defying
scene that also involves laser
eyeslighting up chesticles.
In an interview with The Wrap, Cash said, "The flying and fight choreography of that made this one of the most enjoyable sex scenes I've ever shot because they're always awkward and uncomfortable. It was so much fun because it felt like doing a stunt scene rather than a sex scene.”