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Ari Aster Didn't Mind That Midsommar Might 'Give Away' Its Own Ending
Director Ari Aster has a clever knack for placing foreboding clues to the character's fates in every film, including "Midsommar." Telling the story of college student Dani, "Midsommar" plays out like a breakup story with a Swedish folk horror backdrop.
The film opens with a mural that shows the entire plot before it happens, albeit in a stylized storybook manner, and is a clear layout of the major story points. Aster was fine with the possibility that the film might give its ending away, as it’s a better experience for the audience.
This choice encourages audience engagement while providing a more rewarding viewing experience. It’s better to have “the audience do a certain amount of work,” said Aster, than it is to leave them as passive spectators.
Aster's out-of-focus details are what make "Midsommar" a rewarding rewatch, allowing viewers to enjoy the film differently each time. The hidden details make scenes chilling and eerie, accentuating the folk horror aesthetic with incredible subliminal details.