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Andrew Lincoln Calls Cabinet Of Curiosities Episode The Scariest Thing Netflix Has Done
Guillermo del Toro's "Cabinet of Curiosities" is an eight-episode anthology series, with the finale set to tell a devastating, tragic love story that explores grief, loss, and unspoken horrors. Although we are yet to witness the horror of the penultimate episode, Andrew Lincoln vouches that the experience is bound to leave a mark in viewers' minds.
Lincoln told TUDUM that "The Murmuring" is "the scariest, the most appalling, nerve-shredding hour that Netflix has created...so far." Jennifer Kent, the director of "The Babadook," who is adept at evoking genuine scares in stories with an emotional core, will hopefully apply the same treatment to "The Murmuring."
Lincoln has addressed the upcoming episode further, and how unspoken utterances of grief can accumulate over time, despite love being present between two people. His deep love for horror is based on how beautiful the genre can be, when treated properly, particularly when it operates on both a psychological and emotional level.