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Amazon Is Spending Over $200 Million On The Russo Bros.' Series Citadel Due To Reshoots
Amazon's Prime Video intended "Citadel" to become the new flagship series on the platform, but the production has been inundated with problems, including half of the creative team exiting over creative differences. And now, according to a recent report, with a $200 million dollar budget, and counting, the MCU directing duo is well on their way to creating one of the most expensive shows ever made.
The seven-episode series was estimated as costing around $160 million, but the budget has inflated with roughly $75 million in reshoots. Not that Amazon is hurting for money considering Jeff Bezos makes over $2,537 every second, but that's still a massive chunk of change to invest in a series that may or may not see a return on investment.
Unfortunately, with the Russos busy with "The Gray Man" and Amazon less than thrilled with some of the early footage, creative conflicts arose which led to showrunner Josh Appelbaum leaving the project in addition to seasoned director Brian Kirk and line producer Sarah Bradshaw. "Citadel" is now in post-production, and no anticipated release date has been announced.