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All Five Ridley Scott
Sci-Fi Movies, Ranked
5. Blade Runner (1982)
In this story of a far-off future where realistic androids are released into the workforce, "Blade Runner" is an awfully dull film. Sure, the futuristic cityscapes look great, but the characters are boring and the story lacks depth.
4. Alien: Covenant (2017)
“Alien: Covenant” is little more than a generic sci-fi horror movie with undeveloped characters and minimal suspense. However, the film is partly saved by Michael Fassbender’s dual roles of the good and evil androids — especially the memorable flute scene that reeks of sexual tension.
3. Prometheus (2012)
A prequel story to “Alien,” introducing the Engineers as originators of life on Earth. It strikes the perfect balance between explaining older mysteries and bringing up new ones. As one of the more interesting films in the franchise, it’s the ideal pick for any sci-fi enthusiast.
2. Alien (1979)
Scott's celebrated sci-fi slasher debut "Alien" is simple, realistic, and thrilling. Telling the story of a crew of space miners in the midst of an alien threat by creatures called xenomorphs, “Alien” boasts an impeccable visual design with a relatable human quality, thanks to its supurb cast.
1. The Martian (2015)
"The Martian" is a movie that celebrates knowledge, the sciences, and those with specialized expertise. Most importantly the film posits that humans are naturally equipped with an indestructible survival trait: a good sense of humor. It's a visually stunning, hopeful cerebral, and delightful film.