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All 11 John McTiernan Movies Ranked Worst To Best
11. Rollerball
"Rollerball" was the movie that destroyed John McTiernan — and not just because it was a remake of a cult classic and received terrible reviews. It also led to a wiretap case that sent the director to jail and effectively ended his career.
10. Medicine Man
1992's "Medicine Man" is a departure for McTiernan, as it’s more of an environmental drama/love story than an adventure film. The themes are all about as subtle as "Avatar," without the visual feast to make it worth your while.
9. Nomads
There's some slight cult status for this 1986 horror-thriller, partly because future James Bond Pierce Brosnan plays the protagonist. "Nomads" isn't good, but it is full of demons and other necessary evil.
8. Basic
The "Basic" plot is just as convoluted as the editing, and the John Travolta film was almost unanimously court-martialed by critics. John McTiernan's final film is ruinously mired in the memes of 2003.
7. The 13th Warrior
Based on Michael Crichton's "Eaters of the Dead," it's just not clear what this 1999 movie is about beyond Vikings doing Viking stuff. If swords and epic quests are your thing, you'd be better served reheating "Braveheart" or "The Fellowship of The Ring."