Chris Farley at the Chris Farley by George Pimentel in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage)
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All 10 Chris Farley Movies, Ranked Worst to Best
11. Saturday Night Live
Before all the films and cameo appearances, Chris Farley was a cast member of “SNL,” and it'd simply be a crime not to at least mention it due to the life-changing impact it had on him. His work on “SNL” introduced audiences across America to characters like Matt Foley and skits like “Lunch Lady Land” and “Chippendale Audition.”
10. Airheads
Farley's appearance in 1994's “Airheads” was perhaps one of his most muted supporting appearances, which is why the film ranks last on this list. Farley’s Officer Wilson doesn’t have the classic Farley chaos, and it’s one of the few roles where his hair stays kempt and he refrains from screaming.
9. Dirty Work
“Dirty Work” is Farley's final film role, but it also marks one of his funniest supporting appearances. Wearing facial prosthetics throughout, Farley’s firing on all cylinders as the constantly enraged bartender Jimmy, dishing out quotable lines and flexing his signature brand of physical comedy.
8. Wayne’s World
“Wayne’s World” was Farley’s first appearance in a movie, but he still managed to be memorable in a movie full of memorable moments. He played a well-informed security guard at an Alice Cooper concert, and his faux-serious attitude and presence were scene-stealing.
7. Billy Madison
1995’s “Billy Madison” defined Adam Sandler as a comedic leading man, but it also solidified Farley’s undeniable comedic presence in minor roles. He plays a sideburn-wearing, purple-faced bus driver, whose frazzled delivery and intensity are hard not to fixate on.